OIT Ph/Qi Directory Replacement Plan (In Progress)

Brian Roode
Network and Support Programming

Note: IDM V2 was deployed on 1/22/2015. We are now in the stabilization phase, migrating the remaining feeders/exports away from the legacy system


The current identity management database/enterprise directory system used at UCI is called Ph/Qi. Ph/Qi is an electronic phonebook/nameserver database system developed at the Computing and Communications Services Office at the University of Illinois by Steve Dorner and others in the early 1990’s.


The primary goal of this project is to develop a modern directory system to serve the current and future needs of the campus.

  • Maintain the directory data in a relational database system (MySQL).
  • Design a flexible database schema that supports current needs and future growth.
  • Simplify the import and export of data into and out of the directory system.
  • Extract the business logic from the existing database maintenance scripts and provide documentation that will later drive the processes.
  • Provide data to LDAP service for use by applications.
  • Employ modern programming techniques and languages including Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, etc.
  • Combine all OIT directory data management systems including ph/qi, nr2d2, sponsored/group systems, into the new system.
  • Enhance the security, access control, and logging mechanisms to provide pertinent usage information to NSP and the security team.
  • Phase out the current ph/qi system.