Why use the VPN?

Network Traffic Encryption
When you connect to another site using a VPN, your traffic is encrypted so that if anyone intercepts the traffic, they cannot see what you are doing unless they can break the encryption.  Your traffic is encrypted from your computer through the network to the VPN concentrator hardware at UCI.  At that point the traffic is un-encrypted and sent out over the campus network.  If you are using software like ssh, your traffic on the campus network is still encrypted because ssh encrypts its traffic.

Access UCI Resources
When you are using a VPN connection, it will appear to systems on campus that you are also on campus – you will have a UCI IP address instead of the one you have at home.  This allows you to connect to resources that you would not be able to from home, and bypass any port blocking at the campus border router.

Windows File Shares
The VPN offers a way for authorized users to mount Microsoft Windows file shares from off campus. As of November 5th, 2002, aVPN is required to use “shares” from outside of UCInet because of special port blockades.

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