800 MHz Campus Radio System

The UC Irvine radio system provides cross communications between campus departments and also with other UC campuses if the need ever arises. Currently, the Motorola 700/800 MHz radio system is the only “official UC recognized” communications system for both daily and emergency operations.

Radio System Go Live Scheduled for Saturday January 14th starting at 7:00AM till 1:00PM

We are planning our new radio system go-live on Saturday January 14th starting at 7:00AM. Our old system will be removed from service starting at 7:00AM.

We are planning on converting all subscriber handsets to the new system starting at 8am on Saturday.

We will have 4 locations converting subscriber portable and mobile radios to our new system. PD for mobiles and portables, Student Center, North Campus and Administrative Modulars.

Once all your units have been updated then you will be able to use the new production system after Saturday, January 14th 1:00PM.

See details below in Radio System Cutover Weekend details link.

New Radio System Cutover Weekend details

Ordering a Radio

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