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Saturday July 26th, 2014

Research Computing Support - About Us

Summary: RCS is a group in the Client Services Directorate, of the Office of Information Technology. All RCS staff are available to help you with your UCI research computing needs. Below you will find information on who we are, what our mission and objectives are, and how to contact us for support.

RCS Mission Statement
The RCS mission is to facilitate the efficient use of computer information technologies in the UCI research community, by providing training, outreach, and consulting in the use of hardware and software resources.
RCS Group Objectives
The RCS Group objectives are to provide interdisciplinary support to the UCI research community (faculty, staff, students), to promote awareness of campus information technology resources, and to provide assistance with the use of these resources as they apply to scholarly research.
RCS Group
Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides broad support to the UCI campus to create and maintain a computing and networked communication infrastructure that meets the needs of UCI's research and instruction environments. OIT RCS Group focuses on providing interdisciplinary research computing support to campus researchers. Bringing these support services together, under the purview of a single group, serves to facilitate the rapid dissemination and awareness of information and technologies that impact research computing. The RCS staff is trained in research disciplines and possesses a current awareness of methodologies and techniques used in research computing. RCS accomplishes its objectives by providing support in the following areas: consulting, training, collaboration, communication, and coordination.
RCS Staff
The RCS staff is available to help you with your research computing needs. Further information on the individual staff and how to contact them is provided below.

Tony Soeller, M.S., R.G., (949) 824-3239, tsoeller at
Tony Soeller is the campus Research Computing Specialist. He serves as the UCI liaison to the San Diego Supercomputer Center, manages various research (mathematical, statistical, bioinformatic and GIS) software for the campus, and provides direct consultation expertise for researchers' GIS project work. Prior to UCI, Tony managed the GIS Laboratory within the Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences at Caltech. Earlier he worked as a field geologist for engineering geology and hydrogeology consulting companies; as a Senior Research Geologist at Unocal Corporation's Science & Technology Division where he developed software applications for oil & gas well log analyses, remote sensing/image processing, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and performed GIS development services and management for the California Office of Emergency Services and for Thomas Bros. Maps. Tony is most closely involved with UCI researchers to facilitate and expand the use of GIS and High Performance Computing resources at UCI. Tony teaches an introductory GIS class to faculty, staff and grad students.

Harry Mangalam Ph.D., (949) 824-0084(o), harry.mangalam at
Harry Mangalam is a biologist gone digital in 1990, after a PhD in Regulation of Gene transcription at UCSD and a post-doc in Drosophila biology at the Salk Institute. He has worked in Academic, Non-Profit, and Commercial Bioinformatics organizations, as well as consulting for a number of companies. His expertise is in bioinformatics (especially pattern matching and string searches ) & biological databases. He is experienced in software configuration (autoconf, automake, etc), code optimization and profiling, Linux sysadmin, storage approaches, protocols and like tragedies. See his WIKI for his current projects.

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