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Campus Internet Outage
Reported on 07/23/2014 @ 07:47am
The campus experienced a internet outage this morning at approximately 7:20am.

Service was restored at approximately 7:30.

Please report any further issues to the OIT Help Desk at 949-824-2222

Update 8:30am:
No further information yet on the cause of the outage.

Update 10:30am:
Explanation sent via

During the border firewall software upgrade this morning, as the second
firewall was rebooting with the new code, both firewalls started rebooting
This issue was resolved on 07/23/2014 @ 10:26am: Service has been restored. Please report any further issues to the OIT Help Desk at 949-824-2222

Mesa Arts Building Network Outage
Reported on 07/21/2014 @ 09:33am
The Mesa Arts Building is currently experiencing a network outage. Network Engineers are currently investigating to find the cause. No known resolution time estimated yet.

This issue was resolved on 07/21/2014 @ 12:07pm: A 3rd party network device was disrupting service. The device has been removed from the network. Service has been restored.

7/16/2014 4pm- Webmail/SquirrelMail Connection Issues
Reported on 07/16/2014 @ 04:39pm
Some people cannot connect to WebMail (SquirrelMail).
Problem is dependent on which Webmail server the user is routed to.
Workaround is to connect to the "New and improved Webmail" or Roundcube.
Technicians are working on the problem.
As of now we do not know the time to fix.
This issue was resolved on 07/16/2014 @ 04:51pm: Issue is resolved.

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