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Keeping Your UNIX Machine Secure

Secure your system after OS installation, then keep it secure by installing the security patches as they are released. It is important to install patches as they get released. The campus is hit daily by people trying to hack in to our systems. With the proper security patches installed our machines are less vulnerable. It is very expensive in time and manpower to restore a system that has been compromised. Also, other machines on our network can be compromised through an unsecure system. Let's please be security conscious and keep our security patches up to date.

Secure your OS installation:

Read Securing a UNIX Machine for Beginners.

Get security patch information:

Subscribe to Security Lists.

Read Security Web Sites.

It is very important to keep security patches up to date.

Install security patches:

Install Solaris patches.

Install Red Hat Linux patches.

Install IRIX patches.

Install Tru64 UNIX patches.

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Revised: July 10, 2003