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Thursday July 24th, 2014

Conference Call Services

Conference calls are an economical way to meet with people, both on and off campus. They are an easy, effective way of cutting travel time and expenses, allowing participants to work from their own offices or wherever they can be most productive.

Web conferencing combines telephone conference calls with the use of a Web browser to share viewing of presentations and documents. By allowing all conference participants to view the same thing at the same time, web conferences can improve discussions, presentations, and explanations. Questions and answers are simpler and easier.

Types of Conference Calls

Conference Call Feature on Campus Phones: Audio Only

The campus phone systems have built in conference call features. For a telephone conference of up to 16 people.

ReadyTalk Teleconference Service: Audio plus (optional) Web Conferencing

UC has an agreement with ReadyTalk to provide teleconferencing service to all UC campuses.