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Thursday July 24th, 2014

UCInet Tools

Summary: OIT provides tools for use by OIT support staff and other supporters of UCInet-based computing. This page provides links to the available tools.

IPInfo - UCInetID Login Required
Provides information about IP addresses which have been active on UCInet, or can be looked-up by MAC address. Note: this tool is intended for experienced support personnel. Netdisco linkage is for Network Engineers and designates only.

Blocked List
Provides a way to look up an IP address or MAC address which is suspected of being blocked somewhere in the network. A system may be autoblocked by the campus Intrusion Detection system when illegal scanning activity or behavior associated with a worm is detected, or it may have been blocked by "hand" at the direction of OIT security personnel. In this case, it may have been blocked at the border router in the firewall; in the UCInet Mobile Access network or other networked areas of UCI, or in the modem pool. The cause for the system being blocked is described if it has been. For questions on blocked systems, call 949-824-2222 (4 2222 on campus).

Jack, Port and Location Database - UCInetID Login Required
A database and search tool for finding connected jacks and ports all around campus. Requires WebAuth to access and use.

Building Information Database
The collection of building names, abbreviations and numbers used within OIT, as well as a search tool to associate different abbreviations and outdated names with the newer names.

IP Address Tool
Provides a computer user with their IP address.

Server Registration Administrative Tools
Administrative Tools for Server Registration. Allows users with admin priveledges to search, view and edit servers registered with OIT.