IT Accessibility


The systemwide UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy was approved and became effective August 27, 2013. The policy promotes and supports an accessible IT environment within the University of California system. By supporting IT accessibility, the University of California helps ensure that as broad a population as possible is able to access, benefit from, and contribute to its electronic programs and services.

Guidance on Prioritizing IT Accessibility Efforts

UC Irvine will prioritize information technology accessibility efforts and continually work toward achieving a more accessible IT environment. IT accessibility is not a one-time UC-wide effort, but instead needs to be incorporated into every IT activity on an ongoing basis. For guidance on prioritizing your unit’s projects, refer to the UCOP Accessibility Prioritization Matrix (PDF).

Resources for developing accessible content:

Accessibility Support

Please read through the above resource links as well as our Accessibility FAQs page. If you need more assistance, please refer to the following table:

For Help With: Contact:
Closed-captioning requirements and vendors Judi Franz
Live Streaming of Events Judi Franz, Iain Grainger
Making class materials accessible Disability Services Center: (949) 824-7494
Building accessible websites Todd McGill, Meredith Ehrenberg
Purchasing & RFP process Katja Grigorova
Requesting Services or Accommodations – Student Disability Services Center: (949) 824-7494
Requesting Services or Accommodations – Staff & Faculty Your Supervisor
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