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Amazon Web Services Allowable Data Use

Use of cloud storage services offered by UC Irvine must comply with applicable University and campus policies, notably policies relating to the protection of University data and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.  The table below, which is based on the UCI Data Classification Standard and University negotiated agreements established to help safeguard information for which the campus and you are a steward.  Always employ due care when handling sensitive information.

Data TypeAllowedNotes
Public InformationYes
Student Records (non-health)YesDoes not include medical records or personal health information protected by FERPA
Personnel Records (not including PII)Yes
Research DataYesData may have specific control requirements from sponsors, check before using.
Animal Subject InformationConditionalContact Office of Research.
Human Subject InformationNo
ePHI and other health or medical informationNo
SSNs, Passports, Drivers LicenseNo
Financial Account Numbers (including Credit Cards)No
Export Controlled DataNoGovCloud may be an option. Please contact Marci Copeland for more information.
Logon CredentialsNo
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