Browser Standards

The Web Developers Group helps to determine current web standards. Below is a list of supported browsers that developers can test their Web applications against.


  • Specifying the set of web browsers and best practices that developers will “certify” their services against, thereby ensuring that they properly work for all campus users.
  • Specifying to campus help desks and supporters which web browsers should be supported if users are to access critical campus web services.
  • Aiding campus users with recommendations on the current “minimum” and “maximum” web environments, i.e., the “set of supported web browsers”, usable with critical campus web services.

Supported Web Browsers

 Current Versions as of September 13, 2017

We recommend developing for the latest browser with backwards compatibility for no more than two versions still supported by the vendor.

Browser Supported Versions
Google Chrome 61
Safari 10
Firefox 55
Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 15

For current versions, visit the vendor site or Browse Happy.