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Delivering Basic Course Information

Delivering Basic Course Info

Background: In EEE Legacy, EasyWebsites were commonly used to deliver basic course information such as meeting times and room numbers, as well as a place to link to course related documents such as the syllabus and readings. In Canvas, a great place to deliver this same information is the Syllabus area.

Rather than offering your syllabus as a file, we recommend that you instead copy/paste its text directly into the Canvas Syllabus area. This will offer a better viewing experience for your students and is a great way to quickly fill up the home page of your Canvas course space with useful information.

Getting your syllabus text into Canvas

In the steps outlined below, we will be copy/pasting the text of your syllabus document directly into the Canvas Syllabus area, then editing the text to update and additional information.

  1. In your Canvas course space, open the Syllabus area and click the Edit button.
    open syllabus area and click edit
    You should now see the Rich Content Editor:
    syllabus text editor
  2. Next, open your syllabus in your preferred text editor (in this example I'm using Microsoft Word) and select all of the text manually, or by using the key command Control+A (Windows), or Command+A (Mac).
    Syllabus in MS Word
  3. Copy the text to the clipboard by using the key command Control+C (Windows), or Command+C (Mac).
  4. Paste your syllabus' text into the Rich Content Editor using Control+V (Windows), or Command+V (Mac).
    Paste syllabus into text editor
  5. Review the text and make any needed updates to your syllabus such as adjusting the course dates, meeting times, and room numbers. While our experience with copy/pasting content from the text editor has been good, you may need to  adjust some formatting so it looks the way you want it to in Canvas. Once you are finished, click the Update Syllabus button.
    NOTE: This is a great time to check for any links to EEE Legacy ( content. For example, look for links to older EasyWebsites, which will no longer be available to students or the general public starting Winter Quarter 2018.

    Edit pasted syllabus text as needed

  6. Finally, take a look at your updated Syllabus.Review completed syllabus

Setting the Syllabus as the Home Page

Now that we populated the Syllabus area with your course information, let's set it as the course Home page so it's the first thing we see when visiting the course space.

  1. On the course's Home page, click the  Choose Home Page on the right side of the page.
    Open Home and click Choose Home Page button
  2. In the following window, choose Syllabus and click Save.
    Choose Syllabus from the list and click Save

Want to do more with your Syllabus?

Check out this guide on Delivering Course Files that includes steps on linking these files in your Syllabus.

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