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Collecting & Distributing Assignments

Collecting and Distributing Assignments

Background: One of the most straightforward parts of this transition to Canvas is the replacement of EEE Dropbox with Canvas' "online submission" Assignment type. In Canvas, online submissions offer nearly the same feature set as DropBox, the ability to upload a document to a submission "dropbox" then grade and return that document, but with useful additions such as web based document viewing along with commenting and annotation capabilities. This means from within Canvas you can read, comment, annotate, and give a grade for an assignment without having to download a single file to your computer. You can even do this from an iPad using the Canvas Teacher app.

Canvas Online Submission Assignments

Below are two Canvas guides. The first one walk you through creating a basic "online" submission assignment what will allow your students to submit documents such as a Microsoft Word Document, or a PDF. It also covers adding a "text entry" box that would allow students to compose their submission from within Canvas without the need of a file upload.

The second guide covers SpeedGrader, Canvas' powerful document viewer that allows you comment, annotate and grade your students submissions. SpeedGrader offers a convenient way to review student's submissions and give them immediate feedback on their work.

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