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Delivering Online Exams

Delivering Online Exams

Background: If you were an EEE Legacy Quiz user you will be happy to know that Canvas' Quiz tool is equally capable, and in some cases surpasses the features of EEE Quiz. Furthermore, EEE Quiz is able to export a Canvas-friendly QTI .zip file that can save you valuable time moving your quizzes over to Canvas.

Exporting Your EEE Legacy Quizzes

  1. Locate the EEE Quiz you would like to export and click the Share button on the right side.Click Share button
  2. On the next screen, click the Download QTI Package button to download the file to your computer.Click Download QTI Package button
  3. Repeat the process for any additional quizzes you wish to export.

Importing Your EEE Legacy Quizzes into Canvas

Once you have exported an EEE Legacy Quiz QTI file, you are now ready to import it into Canvas.

  1. On your Canvas course space's Settings page, click Import Course Content button.Open Settings area and click import course content button
  2. Next, on the Import Content page, choose QTI .zip file from the Content type dropdown menu, then click Choose File.
    choose QtI .zip file and click choose file button
  3. In the file bowser window that opens, choose the QTI .zip file you would like to import and click the Open button.
    Choose desired file and click open button
  4. Next, we need to choose a default question bank. In this example I am going to choose the "default" Unfiled Questions bank. Once done, click Import.
    Question Banks are a place to house and organize questions allowing them to easily be added to quizzes across courses or accounts. It can also help manage large randomized question pools in a quiz

    choose Unfiled Questions from dropdown and click Import button

  5. The file should import and show it's status under the Current Jobs area of the page as Completed.
    When upload completes you should get a green complete label next to the file name
  6. You will now find your imported quiz in the Quizzes area of the course space.
    Open Quizzes area
  7. Repeat this process for any additional QTI .zip files you wish to import.

Creating a Canvas Quiz From Scratch

At some point you after your transition to Canvas you may want to create a new quiz from scratch. Good news: Canvas is capable of creating a number of useful questions types as well as completely different types of quizzes such as graded and practice quizzes, as well as graded and ungraded surveys.

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