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Cascade Server Web Developer Guide

Introductory Guide

The Cascade Server CMS Developers’ Guide is intended as an introduction for web developers responsible for creating websites within Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server Content Management System. By following the instructions in order, the steps will help to create a site in the most direct way possible. If you’re interested in more detail, we recommend going directly to Hannon Hill’s Knowledge Base on their site.

Do You Speak the Lingo?

When you first start developing with the Cascade Server CMS, you may find references to ‘assets’, ‘targets’, and ‘destinations’ very confusing. Becoming passingly familiar with their Glossary may help with certain proprietary terminology Cascade Server uses in naming its functions and features. This Guide’s step-by-step instructions will help you to create a complete, basic site within Cascade provided you are already familiar with how to design web pages in HTML and CSS.

Training Videos

In addition to the steps outlined here, Hannon Hill has created several how-to training videos.

Questions & Problems

Please don’t struggle alone! Other Cascade Server developers know the growing pains of learning to use the system. UCI has a mailing list for developers who can help answer questions.

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