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Asset Factory Items for the Dropdown Menu

  1. Click Administration on the main menu.
  2. Select Asset Factories from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under New Container, click on New Asset Factory.
  4. The CMS will ask you to select the type of Asset to create. In this case, select Page. Click Submit to continue.
  5. You as the developer can decide if you want this asset to be available from the New | Default menu, or if you would prefer to create a new file folder where your asset creations are kept. For the purposes of this example, the default folder will be used. Further information on creating a unique folder are available in section {}.
  6. In the Create screen, provide a sentence-case title in the Name field.
  7. By default, the Parent Container is the Default folder accessible from the New tab in the CMS’ main menu. If you prefer to keep these files together, leave this setting as-is, otherwise refer to the instructions in section {} as mentioned above.
  8. To assign a Base Asset, click on the page image to browse to _cms/resources/ and select the base asset page previously created. Select the asset and click Confirm to continue.
  9. Placement Folder refers to the location where the final version of the asset will be saved. Unless you prefer to create a file system in advance, for now click on the folder image and browse to the Base Folder. Click Confirm to continue.
  10. In the Groups windows, find and transfer the groups originally assigned to this site that should have access to this asset.
  11. Click Submit. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created successfully.
  12. To test your success, click on New from the menu and drill down to the asset you created. A New Page screen will appear for the user to complete.


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