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Create a Base Asset Page Resource

  1. This is where you will connect your Template to your Content Type and Configuration Set. You can also add some content to this page as a sample of what your editors may use as content.
  2. From the New menu, select Default > New Page
  3. Provide a file name in the System Name field.
    You can use a descriptive name to designate what type of page you are creating.
  4. Browse to the _cms/resources folder under Parent Folder.
    This will be where your Base Asset page will be placed.
  5. You can leave the Information field blank or type in sample text.
    This page will be what your editors will see when creating this type of page.
  6. Click on the System tab.
  7. Click on the Content Type link and browse to the Content Type you created for this page.
  8. Click Confirm to continue.
  9. Click Submit to continue.
  10. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created successfully.


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