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Configuration Sets

  1. Click Administration on the main menu.
  2. Select Configuration Sets from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under New Container, click on New Configuration Set.
  4. Provide a file name for the Name field.
  5. Leave the Parent Container file path to its default setting.
  6. In the configurations portion, type XHTML in the Name field. Note, additional configurations, such as PHP or XML can be added if required.
  7. Click on the template image and browse to _cms/templates/yourTemplate.
  8. Click Confirm to accept your choice. The CMS will return you to the New Configuration Set screen where the system regions will now be listed.
  9. Click the checkbox to enable Configuration can be published.
  10. Type the file extension in the Output File Extension field. Examples include: .htm, .html, .php, .net, etc. Make certain to add the period before the file extension name.
  11. Click Submit to complete.

New configuration set

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