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Create the End-Users

The users created at the beginning of this guide should be restricted to those individuals instrumental in the site’s creation. This step is to add the users responsible for contributing, editing, managing, and publishing content.

If not already created, return to the Global context and create the Roles your users will need. Next, create the new users responsible for content:

Create the end-users if they don’t already exist:

  1. Begin by making certain the dropdown menu indicates the panel is within the Global context.
  2. Click on the Administration tab. From the dropdown menu select Users, Groups, & Roles option.
  3. From the left panel, click on New User.
  4. Username = UCInetID
  5. Full Name = User’s full name
  6. Email = User’s UCI email address
  7. Authentication = custom
  8. Password = sitename_ucinetid
  9. Groups = Your default user group
  10. Default Group = Your basic user group (Contributor role)
  11. Roles = Recommended using Contributor. Any other roles should be assigned via group inheritance.
  12. Click Submit.


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