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Folder Structure

The folder structure should reinforce the functionality of the CMS. This means certain elements are only intended for the creation of pages and should not be published to the final website. To assist in this structure, certain folders should be grouped under a folder whose contents will only be used within the CMS. Supporting files should be saved to folders under the Base Folder for ease of use and management.

Verify which context you’re in. If the Dropdown menu next to the Cascade Server logo still shows ‘Global’, click the dropdown, look at the list beneath ‘Sites’ and select the site you just created to move into your site-specific context.

CMS-only Folders

  1. Select New –> Default –> New Folder from the main menu.
  2. Provide the folder name _cms in the System Name field.
  3. Click the folder image next to Parent Folder. This action will allow you to choose a location for your _cms folder once it’s created. If not already selected, click on Base Folder in the left panel. ClickConfirm to continue.
  4. Uncheck the Include when publishing and Include when indexing boxes so they will not be included when publishing the site.
  5. Click Submit. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created successfully.
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 creating folders for: BLOCKS, TEMPLATES, FORMATS, ASSET FACTORIES, and RESOURCES. Save the folders within the new _cms Parent Folder.
    CMS Folder New Folder



The Publish box should remain unchecked so the files will not be published to the live web site.

Publishable Folders

  1. Repeat the above steps 1-5 with these three differences: create folders for IMAGES, CSS, JS/SCRIPTS as a minimum, and any other folders you feel are required.
  2. Cick the folder image next to Parent Folder and select Base Folder from the left panel as the location for your folders.

You want to Publish these folders, so make sure the Publish and Index boxes are checked when creating them.


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