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Site Creation from Scratch for the Developer

Template Preparation

Please note: site creation presupposes the developer has already created an HTML page outside of Cascade, which will later be copied into the CMS during template creation. While no restrictions are placed on which HTML editor the developer may choose to use to create a web page, any application’s proprietary code placed within the HTML to be copied over into the CMS may cause the page to fail upon rendering.

In the editor of your choice, open a file to create an HTML document. Name it something that provides a bit of explanation, such as ‘index-template’ or ‘2-col-template’ to make them easier to distinguish later on. This should be a full-fledged design with all the supporting images, stylesheets, scripts, etc.

While designing the template, keep in mind how the template will be divided up into sections or blocks as is the case in the CMS. These blocks will be defined by a system-region tag.

The illustration provides a very basic explanation of the parallel relationship between system-regions and divs/sections in a web page.

System Regions diagram


Later in the site creation, be prepared to copy and paste various sections from your design into the template you will create inside the CMS.

Create a Site in CMS

The initial set-up of a group, user and role should only include the most essential users, consisting of the lead developer and any individuals or group acting in a supporting back-up role to the lead developer. End-users will be created at the very end of the project after the site has been published to a development or staging area.

Create a Group

  1. First, make certain the dropdown menu next to the Cascade Server logo has Global selected. This is referred to as being within the Global context.
  2. From the Administration tab select Users, Groups, & Roles.
  3. In the left panel, click New Group.
  4. The name should identify the department or site. Examples include ‘ORA_sp_approver’, ‘OIT_nacs_mgrs’, ‘GradDiv_admin’. Enter this name in the Group Name field.
  5. Starting Page, Base Folder, Asset Factory Container and CSS Classes options can remain blank at this time.
  6. Select the users to be added to the group and click the right arrow to add them, the left arrow to remove them. From the Roles list, select a corresponding role.
    Make certain to add yourself into the group.
  7. Click Submit. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created successfully.
    Create a Group

Create a Role

  1. Begin by making certain the dropdown menu indicates the panel is within the Global context.
  2. From the Administration tab, select Users, Groups, & Roles.
  3. From the left panel, select New Role.
  4. From the Role Type panel, select the Site radio button.
    Note: Make sure to select Site. Never select Global for Role Type! 
    Never create a global role
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Under System Name, provide a name which identifies the department and the role type, e.g.: SA_mgr (Student Affairs managers), tmf_admin (Transgenic Mouse Facility administrator).
  7. Based on original role = select the associated role from the dropdown menu. The appropriate default checkboxes will be filled.
  8. Click Submit.
    New Role


Create the Site

  1. Click on the swirl dropdown image beneath the Cascade Server logo.
  2. Click on the Site Management option.
  3. In the main Sites pane, click on Create a new site.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for your site in the Name field, e.g.: OR_researchAdmin, GradDiv.
  5. Enter the web address in the URL field. This is a required field, so even if the url is unknown a placeholder can be used until the actual url is known. This information can be updated later once the site is created.
    Do not click Submit yet.
  6. Click on the Roles tab. Review the list and select the roles you created and click the top green arrow pointing to the right to move it over.
  7. Click Submit. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created.
    Create Site


Configure the Site and Assign Roles

  1. Once the new site is created, review the Sites list in the left panel and click on the name of the site. Its details will appear in the preview pane.
  2. Select the Edit tab. Note: this is where the site name and site url can be changed. Select the Rolessub-tab.
  3. In the Roles section, select the appropriate role you previously created from the Global Context and now assign it using the top green right-facing arrow.
  4. A window will appear below with the Role’s name as the label. Select the group you created from below and transfer to the right.
  5. Click Submit. A green bar at the top of the page should indicate the Asset was created successfully.
    Configure Site and Roles


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