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Creating New Pages in Cascade Server

In addition to editing an existing page, you may also have the ability to create new pages and upload documents and images on your own. If you do not have this access, please contact the developer responsible for your website. You may not have this access.

Note: Your website may be set up a little differently. However, creating new pages should always be available under the New button.

  1. Click on the New button on the top navigation menu to display the different types of assets you are allowed to create.
    New Page menu
  2. Click on the type of page you would like to create. Usually there are default page types which the developer has already created for your use.
  3. Type a file name in the System Name field. This will be part of the URL or web address.
    Do not use spaces. We recommend keeping the name short and descriptive. You may use hyphens to separate words. For example, “about-us”. Do not type in the file extension, like .html. This will be done for you by Cascade.
  4. In the Information box, type in or copy-and-paste your content.
    Using the WYSIWYG toolbar, you can format the text, insert web links, and (once uploaded) images. Likewise, content can be edited or deleted completely. If the page itself should be deleted, please speak with the web developer assigned to your CMS web site.
  5. Click the Metadata tab at the top. Type in a Title for your page. This will be used in bookmarks and also helps to make your page web accessible.
    Title Metadata
  6. Once complete, scroll down the page and use the Check Spelling box to have Cascade check your spelling, then click Submit.
  7. Your new page has been created. If you have publishing rights, you can publish it now.
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