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The Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Asset Tree (1)

The left pane is called the Asset Tree. That’s just a technical way of saying your list of files. Any file on the site that you can read will be listed here. It is similar to a directory or folder structure on your computer.

Sites Drop Down Menu (2)

If your website is using the Sites Model, you may see a list of web sites you can edit under this menu. Your website may also be listed under the older Global model, where many UCI websites are in one big directory.

My Settings (3)

Cascade Server has a few personal settings you can set.

Locked Assets (4)

If you have locked any pages while you work on them, they will be listed here. See the Locking/Unlocking Content page for more details.

Drafts (5)

If you have saved a page as a Draft, it will be listed here.

Recent History (6)

This will list any recent content you have worked on. It is a quick way to get back to something recently edited.

Logout (7)

A logout link is available here in the top right. It is also available in the footer (not shown).

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