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Editing Content in Cascade Server

Editing a page in Cascade is similar to editing a document in a word processor like Microsoft Word ®. It has a built in formatting toolbar to help you add simple style to your page.

  1. Select your page
    Start by locating the page in the left pane and clicking on the page you would like to edit.
    Select your page
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Edit your content
    In the Information box, edit your content. Make the desired changes to the document just as you would using a standard word processor. This includes a formatting toolbar. See the description below.
  4. Version Comments
    Before submitting your changes, add a brief comment about the changes you made. This is available under the Advanced Options link if it is not visible. This is a good practice so that you or other editors will know what changed if they need to revert back to a prior version.
  5. Click Submit
    When you have made all your edits, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  If you do not do this, your changes will be lost. You may also want to mark the Check Spelling box to make sure everything is spelled correctly.
  6. Edit Successful!
    If you edit was successful you will see a green notice at the top of the screen.
    Edit successful
  7. Click the Publish tab
    If you have Publishing rights, you can now Publish your changes to the live site. If you do not, check with your web developer to see how to proceed. Workflow may be set up that will notify the Publisher to publish your edits.

Congratulations, you’ve just edited a web page. Wasn’t that easy?

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