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Images in Cascade Server

Uploading Images

If your image is not already on Cascade Server, you will need to upload it before inserting it in your page.

  1. From the New menu, select Default > File.
    Default > File
    Note: Your web developer may have created a New > Image method for you to upload files.
  2. (Optional) You can re-name your image in the System Name field or let Cascade Server use the name of the file you are uploading.
  3. Click the folder icon next to Parent Folder and select your images folder from the file tree on the left.
    We recommend uploading all images to an images folder. See your web developer for best practices for your website.
  4. Click the Browse button next to File Upload.
  5. Select your image from your computer and click the Open button.
  6. Click the Submit button.
  7. If your file was uploaded successfully, you will see a confirmation in green at the top.
  8. Your image in now ready to be inserted into your page.

Inserting Images

  1. Click your mouse cursor in the area you want to insert your image. Click the Insert/edit image icon on the toolbar.
    Insert Image button
  2. The insert image window offers two tabs – one for internal images and one for external. We are going to insert an image that is already in the system, so we’ll stay on the default Internal tab.
  3. Click the file icon next to Image.
    File icon
  4. In the new image chooser window, click the images folder on the left pane and select the image file you want to insert.
    choose image
  5. With the image selected, click Confirm to close the window.
  6. The image path will appear in the insert image window. In the Alternate Text field, type in the text representation of the image.
  7. Click Insert for the image to be placed in your page.

Advanced Options

Cascade Server offers a few advanced options to allow you to align your image, add a border and a margin around the image.

Advanced image options

  • Alignment: allows you to select whether the picture is left, center, or right aligned on the page.
  • Border Width: enter a numeric value from 1-5. Each number increases the thickness of the border.
  • Vertical Spacing: enter a number from 1-10. This creates a margin of space above and below the image.
  • Horizontal Spacing: enter a number from 1-10. This creates a margin of space on the right and left of the image.

Once you have entered values in the fields (or not), click on ‘Insert’ to save your changes, which will then return you to the page.

Editing Image Properties

Any future edits to the image can be made by clicking on the image to select it and then clicking the Insert/Edit Image button in the toolbar. This will re-open the image settings allowing you to make edits.

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