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Locking/Unlocking Content

One nice feature of Cascade Server is the ability to lock content when are working on it. This allows multiple people to work on a website without overwriting each other’s changes.

You can manually “check-out” an asset that you have ‘write’ access to. This prevents other people from making edits to the content you are working on as long as the lock exists. However, others will be able to create drafts of the current version.

From the “checked-out” state, a person can “check-in” the changes (which finalizes the edit), send the changes into workflow, or break the lock and discard the changes. Site administrators can break the locks of others. A person can always break his/her own locks.

Locking (Checking-Out) Pages

  1. On the View tab of an asset, select the Lock pane.
  2. Click Check-out this asset.
  3. You will be forwarded back to the Layout pane, with the Working Copy currently showing.
  4. After check-out, the following links are available in the view:
    Current – view the current version of the asset
    Working Copy – view the checked-out working copy
    Compare with Current – compares the content of the working copy with the current version
    Break Lock – breaks the lock and discards the changes

Viewing Locked Pages

Your Locks are displayed on your Dashboard under both the Locks tab and Current Activity section on the main dashboard tab.

Unlocking (Checking-In) Pages

To unlock an asset:

  1. On the View tab of an asset, select the Lock pane.
  2. Select from one of the following Actions:
    • Commit changes – finalizes the edit and removes the exclusive lock on the asset. If you selected to commit changes, you will be prompted to add comments to the new version before submitting.
    • Break the lock and discard changes – discards the changes and removes the lock
    • Send into workflow – starts a workflow using the working copy of the asset. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to select one of the available workflows.
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