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Adding Metadata

Metadata is information that describes the content, and includes a summary, title, keywords, author, and other items that are used for a variety of tasks in Cascade Server.

To add or edit Metadata for any Page/Asset

  1. Select the desired page or file and click Edit on the action bar.
  2. Select the Metadata tab located beneath the Edit tab.
  3. Adjust the Metadata as desired. An explanation of each field is described below.
  4. Either click Submit to save and close the page or select another tab to continue editing.

An Explanation of the Metadata Fields

  • Display Name – the short name of the Page/Asset, distinct from the system name that is displayed on the left hand navigation
  • * Title – the title of the Page/Asset
    This piece of Metadata is important. Without a Title, your page will not validate. This information is used by browsers for bookmarking, in Search Engines and to make it web accessible.
  • Summary – the synopsis of the Page/Asset
  • Teaser – a short enticing phrase about the Page/Asset
  • Keywords – words or phrases about the Page/Asset
  • Description – the description of the Page/Asset
  • Author – the person or organization responsible for the Page/Asset
  • Review Date – the date and time for the content to be reviewed with a respective workflow
  • Start Date – the date and time the content should be made public
  • Expiration Date – the date and time the content should no longer be made public
  • Expiration Folder – the folder the content should be moved to upon reaching the expiration date
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