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My Settings

Cascade Server has a few basic settings you can set to customize your environment.

  1. Login to Cascade Server
  2. In the top right, click My Settings
  3. Make any changes you prefer and click the Submit button

The following options are available.

  • Language – allows you to select another language. If none is selected, the system preference will be used.
  • Item List Size – limits the number of items that appear in lists throughout the application. All items over the item list size will be displayed in separate pages.
  • After Publishing Assets – option to be automatically forwarded to the publish status screen after inserting a publish job into the publish queue.  This preference requires the ability to publish and access to the publish status screen. This is helpful if you want to see where you are in the queue. This can get crowded at certain times of day.
  • Un-publish on Delete – Determines whether content should be removed from the web server(s) when deleted from the CMS by default.
  • Simple Interface – Allows you to turn off the left-hand navigation by default.  Users are still able to turn the left asset tree back on by clicking the left-hand navigation toggle button.
  • Default Chooser Width – the default width (in pixels) to be used for all chooser windows.  Changing the value will override the global preference.
  • Default Chooser Height – the default height (in pixels) to be used for all chooser windows. Changing these value will override the global preference.
  • Number of search per type in type-ahead search – sets the number of results to display per type in the type-ahead search results window
  • Default Site – the default Site to enter upon login
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