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Publishing the Site

Publish to a Development and/or Production Website

Developers and Content Editors have the option of publishing individual pages, folders, or the entire site. If you do not have this option and need it, check with your web developer.

Publish a Single Page

    1. Once all editing is complete, click on the Publish tab in the menu bar.
    2. You may have options to Publish to a development or test server or to the live server. This will depend on how your web developer set up your website. Select the publishing site you want to publish your page or file to.
    3. Once the destinations have been selected, click Submit.
    4. A green bar will indicate that Publish message sent successfully.
    5. Your page will be sent to the Publishing queue.
      Everyone at UCI using Cascade Server uses the same publishing queue. To check the status of the queue, click the Cascade swoosh icon in the top left and select Publisher > Active Jobs. Alternately, you can change your settings to automatically go to the queue every time you publish content.
      Publish > Active Jobs

Publish a Folder or Entire Site

  1. To publish multiple pages or files at once, select either the desired folder or Base Folder (for the entire site) from the navigation panel in the left of the screen.
  2. By checking the box next to the Name column, ALL of the pages in that folder will be selected. Click the Publish tab and follow steps 2 through 4 above.
    Publish tab
  3. Likewise, if multiple assets are desired, but not all, the folder view will allow you to select the individual elements for upload.
  4. To upload the entire site, select the Base Folder, check the box next to the Name column and click the Publish tab. Continue with steps 2 through 4 above.
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