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Technical Assistance

How Do I…?

Content Editors’ roles are limited to adding, modifying, and deleting text content on the web pages. That said, on occasion situations may come up where your role doesn’t allow you to achieve the look or layout you need. More complex items might include:

  • Unique boxes, font color/styles, or image layouts
  • jQuery effects that enhance the functionality and/or usability of the information provided

In these situations, we encourage you to contact your designated web developer to discuss the desired changes.

I Can’t Get into Cascade CMS

Here’s a checklist to determine what might be preventing you from accessing Cascade:

  1. Are you on the right URL? Double-check that you’re attempting to log into
  2. Are you on campus? Cascade Server is only available on campus or using the VPN.
  3. If the url is right, did you successfully log in using your UCInetID? If the campus WebAuth system is experiencing problems, you can find out on OIT’s status page. The OIT home page also has a quick-view status in the right sidebar.
  4. If your UCInetID went through, but the CMS page won’t load, the Cascade server itself could be undergoing maintenance or experiencing problems. For further assistance, contact the staff in UCI’s Office of Communications:

Cascade Server Technical Contacts

JIM KREUZIGER – Digital Communications Technologist
Phone: 949-824-5484  |  Email:

CHRIS WALSH – Web Developer
Phone: 949-824-7923  |  Email:

TODD MCGILL – Director of Web Communications
Phone: 949-824-7919  |  Email:

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