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The Compass Project: Comprehensive Analytics for Student Success

When UC Irvine realized that advisors had access to the right data in the wrong way, we harnessed business intelligence tools to provide richer and more timely reporting through a new self-service application called Compass. In this presentation we will explore how business analysis, advisor interviews, and user experience design were employed to bring about student data reporting tools that met the real needs of campus advising units.

In partnership, our central IT organization works collaboratively with advisors to ensure that intervention and outreach occur with reduced manual processes, greater flexibility in data access, and easy to use filters to target specific populations rapidly. Advisors spend less time wrangling spreadsheets and more time working with students.

This presentation will cover the background of the Compass project, including its origins in the University of California, Irvine’s earlier student success initiatives. We’ll also provide a look into the reports that have been created for our academic advisors, including ways to look at bulk student data in ways not previously feasible in existing reports.


UCCSC 2018


  • Briandy Walden
  • Ray Vadnais
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