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Culture from the Bottom Up

The thousand decisions your department makes every day can't be directed in your executive offices or planned out by your managers. You need your entire organization to prioritize making every day better than the last.

At UC Irvine we have been empowering teams to collaborate and share best practices through cross-team forums that bring together like-minded individuals from disparate parts of our organization. Our Web Authors Learning League gets technical, diving into new CSS, new languages, and new techniques. The Agile Forum takes on process, pushing our teams to experiment and improve. And How It Works lets the design and user experience folks share insights into how we best serve our customers at all levels of the organization. We'll talk about the benefits discovered and challenges faced as we've run those groups for years.

But pulling those groups together is only one part of the puzzle. Letting the front line see a better future is worthless unless you also make sure they have the room to experiment and the power to prioritize change. We'll talk about how you make that space and build the trust necessary for that to happen.

Finally we'll switch from the large scale to the small, and look at simple things your team can start doing now to build a better culture. Agile will be mentioned, but so will team lunches and board games and communication styles. We'll think about what kind of team you want to build and how you get there.

Because ultimately, the goal of culture is to make everyone happier: the stakeholders, the executives, the customers, and the teams themselves.


UCCSC 2018


  • Seth Roby
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