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Enabling Cross Functional Analytics

Analytics across disparate applications has been an ongoing challenge in every organization. Prototyping an analytics solution across multiple applications can be time-consuming. This usually involves moving data from multiple applications to a single data store - which is costly from a data movement, and modeling perspective.

There are several innovative solutions to this problem. One of the effective solutions is using Data virtualization. This session will explore possible solutions, focused on Data virtualization. The session will cover use cases where this solution is appropriate, and implementation plan, and best practices.

Attendees will learn many techniques for Data analytics across functional areas, including:

  1. Quick and efficient prototyping without the need for expensive ETL
  2. Creating a virtual single source of truths for the whole enterprise
  3. Strategies to address short-term ad hoc information needs

Presented at UC Tech on July 16, 2019


UCTech 2019


  • Pramod Kunju
  • Sushma Pulluri
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