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Is Your Campus Ready for eSports?

Mark Deppe, Kathy Chiang, Aakash Shah, Patrick Lemon and Sarkis Daglian: University of California, Irvine

In 2016, the eSports industry produced an estimated $493 million in revenue and in 2019 it is projected to surpass $1 billion. With eSports growing as fast as it is, your University may look into starting its own eSports program. We would like to share our experience and knowledge of both eSports and the technology that makes it work. We will also share some of the challenges we experienced and more importantly how to avoid them. A team of FIVE panelists will cover various aspects of the eSports program. The Topics to be covered include: The creation of the eSports program, The UCI eSports Arena, the Technology behind the arena, Women in eSports/gaming, and what we think the future holds for eSports. Panelists: Mark Deppe – Acting Esports Director Kathy Chiang – Esports Arena Coordinator Aakash Shah – UCI Windows Services Group Patrick Lemon – Classroom Technology Support Sarkis Daglian – Associate Director of OIT Client Services

UCCSC 2017 – UC San Diego

Presentation Slides (PDF)


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