Realigning the Wheel: Facilitating the Adoption of a Data-Informed Culture

We have witnessed a lot of extra effort wasted over the years in the UC system, costly endeavors to build huge and expensive one-off projects as well as efforts to build even bigger systems to consolidate and centralize these systems. This session will cover an alternative IT strategy that will make data-informed decision making more accessible for campuses. By leveraging existing campus-wide solutions and business processes, campuses can integrate and streamline them together using highly customizable platforms. We will cover some of the highly customizable platforms on our campus such as IBM Filenet and ServiceNow. We use these platforms to quickly create solutions that work with the existing solutions and data already present on UC campuses. Our presentation will cover strategies such as building web services and using web APIs to easily connect these systems. We will demo some of the solutions we have so far to show how simple, yet effective they are.

Presented at UC Tech on July 17, 2019


UCTech 2019


  • Linh Nguyen
  • Derek Olson