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OIT Client Survey January 2010

This information is from the 2009 OIT Consolidation. It is kept here for archival purposes.

An Office of Information Technology (OIT) Client Survey was conducted between January 22 and February 7, 2010, with 340 responses, an approximate response rate of 40%.  The goal of the survey was to reach out to clients served by UCI’s newly consolidated organization (OIT), and assess how well service was being maintained or improved.

Below is a summary of statistics from the areas surveyed – Help Desk, Desktop Client, and Application Support, as well as Overall service.  The average score is also included based on a 1 to 4 scale (1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Excellent).






Average Score

Help Desk






Desktop Client


















In addition to the numeric values, we received 210 textual comments regarding IT support, which broke down as follows:

  • 156 (74%) comments consisted of positive feedback regarding support interactions or how well the integration of IT functions was going.
  • 38 (18%) of the comments reflected specific support issues that OIT needed to follow up on, or general areas in which the responder felt OIT needed to improve service.
  • 9 (4%) of the comments pertained to the downsides of routing calls through a central IT organization rather than directly to local support staff.
  • 7 (3%) of the comments suggested enhanced or new services.

A few examples of each type of comment are included below.

I very much appreciate the time participants took to share their perspective with us.  The feedback is invaluable in adjusting our course as we continue to integrate and enhance UCI IT services.  We expect to repeat this survey during the early stages of IT integration to continue to track progress.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to share your experiences with me directly through electronic mail.

Dana Roode
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Information Technology

OIT Client Survey, January 2010
Sample Textual Responses

Positive Feedback

  • The group had to set up computers for our entire dept when we moved on campus – they did an outstanding job and made the transition practically seamless.
  • I am particularly pleased with how OIT has moved our programming and applications support forward and given the group the broader vision and project management skills that were so sorely needed.
  • I’ve had great experiences with both the Help Desk and the quick follow up on Desktop issues. Jennifer, Tom V. and Tom T. are always quick to respond (usually within an hour) and they have always resolved my issues. We’ve also gotten great support on Facilities renovation projects from Diane Dunn and Stacey Rose. They have several times provided support on very short notice. And, they are great to work with when planning and coordinating projects and troubleshooting issues in the field. They work with us as a team.
  • Response time to request is very good – and your help desk is excellent!
  • John Schaefer, Doug Lawrence, Tom Robbins, Joe Milora, Tom Vu and Jeremy Paje are all wonderful and extremely service oriented.  We at Facilities Management Service Desk feel they are very supportive and try their best to fix our problems in a timely manner.
  • Under John Remy’s lead, Lumi, Lu and Kenny have been working hard to develop a new database for our UU Advising Program and we are excited to know it will be rolling out soon.
  • The folks in the EEE division are amazing!
  • All of my interactions with OIT have been extremely positive and productive. I’ve interacted with OIT in various ways, including as a user requesting assistance from the Help Desk and as a customer of OIT programming services (KC, ARRA reporting, etc.). I realize that the transition has been challenging, but I feel that it has been well managed. From my perspective, the change is very welcomed, as it enables my organization to have access to a increased scope of expertise related to a broader scope of technologies and technical solutions. It has also resulted in some welcomed changes that I perceive will result in resource management efficiencies and improvements.
  • My computer downloaded a very malicious virus, and OIT was patient, helpful, and prompt in determining what the problem was and how to resolve the issue with a minimum of downtime.
  • I always get a timely and thorough response from OIT. The merger has been invisible to the user – no pain on this side of the experience.

Support Concerns

  • Also find it very frustrating that I am unable to access the UCI MobileNet network at times at both my offices, NatSci 2 and Aldrich Hall, due to the limited number of IP addresses available at certain periods during the day. No solution has been given.
  • The suspension of printing a hard copy phone book: While I understand that this is a budget driven decision and has been made out of necessity, and while the online resources are sufficient for many of my needs, this will nonetheless create a gap in the resources I regularly utilize to do my job effectively.
  • Desktop Client Support was not able to provide a solution that would enable me to install Stunnel under Windows Vista. I ended up doing my own research to make it work.
  • the one time i called helpdesk because my cell phone would not dial out (horribly problematic) it was a couple of hours before my call was returned. in the meantime, we figured out by calling apple that a software update would solve the problem. earlier dealings with the helpdesk were much better.

Downsides of Routing Calls through a Central IT Organization

  • I just think it is hard making the adjustment from calling someone direct and getting direct assistance vs the ticketing, someone contacting you, you might miss them etc. I feel like even if my computer is playing up, I tend to just put up with it, when before I would call someone about straight away for assistance.
  • The quality of IT support is not as high as before the change. We previously had exceptional IT support from the Office of Research IT group. All the OR IT personnel knew our operation extremely well, and could attend to any issues very efficiently. Now that different people respond to our requests, issues seem to take longer to be resolved
  • It was just so much more convenient when we had our IT Dept. nearby.

Enhancement Suggestions

  • I would love some consulting/database planning help but the last time we talked about it there was no one available to do this work. As we have NO in-house computer folks, that would be on my wish-list.
  • We need to explore how to add capacity in OIT to provide a level of application development to provide more data driven decision support services to campus management.
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