UCI IT Oversight Committee Meeting

July 9, 2009


Review Consolidation Goals

  • ASM Big Ideas Workgroup Report

Brief Organization and Service Review

  • AdCom, NACS, Office of Research IT, and Office of Academic Affairs Computing Services
  • Remaining non-academic campus IT groups
  • Consolidated IT project list

Consolidation Plan Outline

  • Phase 1a: Inventorying IT functions, skill sets and resources
  • Phase 1b: Initial integration; interactions with campus IT groups about joining OIT
  • Phase 2: Next group of IT groups are added

General Discussion

  • What are your thoughts on the role of IT at UCI and where do you see opportunity and/or need to enhance IT contributions through consolidation?
  • What do you see as key challenges to successful IT consolidation?  How do we address those challenges?
  • How do we maintain a “local IT unit feel” as we transition to a large central IT organization?
  • How do we assess the successfulness of the consolidation?

The Importance of Standards

  • Desktop, laptop, smart-phone and printer hardware; desktop environment; key productivity software (calendaring, email, document management, word processing, etc.)
  • What sort of process do we setup to make the right standard decisions and gain appropriate buy-in?
  • What are challenges of implementing standards with only a tolerable number of exceptions?
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