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High Level Administrative IT Consolidation Plan

This information is from the 2009 OIT Consolidation. It is kept here for archival purposes.

December 14, 2009

This document represents a high-level plan for moving forward with IT consolidation in administrative units (it does not address IT in academic units). The plan has been reviewed with the IT Oversight Committee, the Provost, and with most units. Some details in Phases 3 and 4 of the plan are still under review.

Please see the “Consolidation Overview” document for important information regarding overall aspects of consolidation strategy.

The campus will be moving relatively quickly to change reporting relationships of local IT staff into OIT. However, effective integration will take some time and the duties of individuals will not immediately change significantly even after reporting into OIT. Primary direction for local IT groups will initially remain with functional leadership; established long-range development plans in functional units will remain unchanged until specifically addressed.


  • Academic Affairs Computing Services
  • Administrative Computing Services
  • Graduate Division Information Technology
  • Network and Academic Computing Services
  • Office of Research Information Technology

These five IT units have already been consolidated into the Office of Information Technology.


A&BS Distribution & Document Management

Initially create a dotted-line reporting relationship from DDM IT to an OIT manager. While maintaining and strengthening IT ties between the units, create a plan to integrate DDM programmers into the appropriate OIT programming team. In addition, DDM uses specialized equipment in their operation beyond normal desktop computers. Support for this may or may not fit well into the OIT desktop team. It may be prudent to create a sister support group focusing on running specialized hardware and software (Student Center, Recreation, Athletics, the Bookstore, Disability Services Center, and other units also have specialized equipment needs).

Timeline: dotted line to OIT in place December 1, 2009; initial integration plan complete by March 1, 2010. Begin to implement plan and solid line reporting relationships as of April 1, 2009.

Student Affairs Vice Chancellor’s Office, Bookstore, Student Center, Recreation, Counseling & Health Services, Dean of Students, Student Housing

Change reporting relationship of IT leads in each of these units to report to Kevin Ansel, with a dotted line to their current supervisor. Move Kevin’s reporting relationship to OIT AVC Roode with a dotted line relationship to SA AVC Dooros. Kevin, and SA/OIT staff will work toward the appropriate integration with other OIT functions, also forming teams within SA IT staff to serve specialized SA functions as needed. Over time, it is expected that Student Housing’s programming team will become more closely integrated with OIT administrative programming teams, and that Housing network support efforts will become more integrated with OIT network support.

Note: Student Government will be consulted regarding their IT staff member’s involvement in the consolidation, alongside other IT staff in Student Affairs.

Timeline: As of December 1, 2009, establish SA IT lead to Kevin, and Kevin to OIT AVC reporting as dotted line relationships while retaining current solid line reporting relationships. Ask Kevin to begin participation in OIT leadership team while he continues to participate as a component of SA leadership. Complete initial integration plan by March 1, 2010; begin to implement the plan and change dotted line reporting relationships to solid lines as of April 1, 2010.

University Advancement

Initially create a dotted-line reporting relationship from Advancement IT leads to an OIT director. The OIT director, the Advancement IT leads, and an Advancement liaison, will work to identify how Advancement IT functions will integrate into OIT. It is expected that one or more Advancement IT leads will maintain this role with one serving as the OIT liaison, and that Advancement desktop/server and support for other commodity services will move into the appropriate OIT service teams. Advancement programming needs are significant and require that the current software staff continue to be dedicated to them for the foreseeable future. The Advancement programming team would eventually report within OIT in parallel with similar programming teams. The eventual reporting of the Advancement data reporting team is less clear and may need to remain in Advancement.

Advancement “desktop support” includes on-site support for highly visible presentations. This need is similar to the needs of a subset of other OIT clients (including the Chancellor and EVC/P offices).

Timeline: Establish dotted-line reporting relationship from Advancement IT to OIT as of December 1, 2009. Create initial integration plan by March 1, 2010. Begin plan implementation and reporting relationship changes of as of April 1, 2010.

Note: Phase 3 and 4 timelines and details are under final review


Academic Personnel

Plan for closer integration of the single P/A position in Academic Personnel with the OIT Web Technologies team that supports AP online systems. Review the functional and IT components of this position to determine whether it most appropriately belongs in AP or in OIT.

Timeline: discussion to complete and a dotted line reporting relationship to be established by January 11, 2010. If the position is primarily an IT position, convert the dotted line to a solid line on May 3, 2010.

A&BS Design & Construction Services

Move D&CS’s single IT FTE to OIT desktop or server team and recharge D&CS for appropriate fractional support.

Timeline: create dotted line between D&CS FTE and OIT as of January 11, 2010; complete integration plan by April 1, 2010. Begin to implement the plan and solid-line reporting relationships by May 3, 2010.

A&BS Parking and Transportation Services

Create integration plan that moves parking programmers organizationally into an appropriate OIT programming team.

Timeline: complete initial discussion and implement dotted line reporting by January 11, 2010; complete implementation plan by April 1, 2010. Begin to implement the plan and solid-line reporting relationships by May 3, 2010.


Initially create a dotted-line reporting relationship from Athletics IT to an OIT manager. This OIT manager and the Athletics IT director will work to identify how Athletics IT functions will integrate into OIT. It is expected that the Athletics IT Director will maintain a role of Athletics IT Lead and OIT liaison, and that Athletics desktop/server and programming staff will move into the appropriate OIT service teams. Athletics has some audio-visual, POS terminal, and other specialized needs for which support may be appropriate to integrate with support for similar needs in other units. In addition, Athletics “desktop support” involves supporting visitors to UCI as well as Sports Conference participants and UCI affiliates at remote venues, which must also be maintained.

Timeline: Establish dotted line reporting relationship between OIT and Athletics IT director as of January 11, 2010; complete integration plan by April 1, 2010. Begin to implement the plan and solid-line reporting relationships by May 3, 2010.


P&B Office of Institutional Research / Public Records Office

OIR’s three IT staff play traditional IT roles to an extent but also support the data analysis and reporting functions of the office. Identify an individual from OIT to serve as a liaison to OIR toward fully understanding roles and issues, and work with OIR to create an integration plan. IT positions should be reviewed to determine if they belong in OIT, OIR, or should play a role in both organizations. The first priority will be to look at commodity functions that can move to OIT. With respect to the remaining IT functions, look at opportunities related to leveraging OIR and OIT data warehouse investments for creating a mutually beneficial set of integrated services, and at making data definition, maintenance and exchange more consistent and robust campus-wide.

Timeline: identify liaison and start working on integration plan by January 11, 2010. Complete plan by June 1, 2010; begin implementation and establish dotted line reporting relationships by July 1, 2010.

Student Affairs Enrollment Services – Admissions (OARS), Educational Partnerships (CFEP), Financial Aid (OFAS), Registrar

Create a reporting relationship for each of these IT groups to an individual who will serve as the Enrollment Services (ES) IT Lead. The ES lead will report into OIT, with a dotted-line reporting line to the ES AVC. The person identified to play the role may come from ES or from OIT. Alternatively, it may well be appropriate to go through a recruitment for this position to identify someone to also lead campus planning and implementation efforts for the next generation of integrated Enrollment Services systems.

As a first step, liaisons from OIT and ES will be identified to work with others in both organizations to create an initial integration plan. The liaisons will also help build relationships between ES and OIT to facilitate consolidation and ES goals. It is expected that the implementation plan will include incrementally off-loading of ES desktop and server services to OIT commodity teams.

Timeline: Identify OIT and ES liaisons by January 11, 2010. Complete initial implementation plan by June 1, 2010, begin implementation and reporting changes by July 1, 2010.

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