Departmental Firewall Support

OIT offers campus units the opportunity to benefit from a locally attached, custom-configured firewall. Such a firewall provides flexibility and additional security to departments that require more than the basic service provided by the campus firewalls.

Getting Started

OIT will work with your department to identify, acquire, configure, operate, and maintain a firewall that is suited to your needs and compatible with campus standards.

Contact OIT

To learn more or arrange for Firewall Service for your department, contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or

Full Support Option

  1. A meeting with OIT network and security engineers to evaluate your requirements and existing environment.
  2. On-site analysis of your existing network configuration by OIT engineers.
  3. A detailed proposal from OIT network engineers for any network changes that will be needed to accommodate your firewall.
  4. An itemized quote from OIT security engineers for properly configured, campus standard firewalls meeting the requirements set out in the initial meeting.
  5. Firewall installation
  6. Initial standard software and ruleset configuration

Firewall Configuration and Installation

When you receive your firewalls, the OIT network and security engineers will configure and install them.  At the end of this stage, your department will have the benefit of a properly configured firewall.

Once your firewalls are up and running, OIT takes full responsibility for housing and administering the firewall. The client does not have to provide space for it, nor be concerned about keeping rulesets or software up to date. OIT provides 24 x 7 emergency support through our help desk, and the plan includes a number of hours of individualized consulting each month for complex configuration issues, special projects, and so forth.

The plan is summarized in the table below.

Service Feature Pricing

Special considerations

  • Only OIT-approved firewall configurations, including failover units, are eligible for coverage.
  • Services are limited to firewall support only. OIT does not take responsibility for the client's overall network security. The client is responsible for ensuring safe computing practices in its environment.
  • NOTE: The standard firewall maintenance window for firewall updates/upgrades is on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 5 am to 8 am.