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How to replace a phone in Duo

I've replaced my phone/factory reset my phone. How do I get a new token?

Before you begin, make sure you install the Duo Mobile app on your phone (search "Duo Mobile" in the Apple or Android app store). Once it's installed, follow these steps. NOTE: We recommend you do this from a computer, as the Duo Support Desk web page may be too small for some users to navigate.

If you run into any problems, email us at or give us a call at (949) 824-2222. For your security, we'll need to speak with you to verify your identity before we can assist.

1) Visit our Replace Phone page in the Duo Support Desk web application.

2) Select the radio button next to your telephone number and then select "Submit". The system will send you a text message (click the image below to make it bigger).

3) Check your mobile phone for a message that looks like this, and then tap the link.

4) The link should open the Duo Mobile app on your phone (depending on your device, it might first open your web browser and ask if you want to open the Duo Mobile app). If it does, select Open. Please note that the link will expire in 30 minutes.

5) The Duo Mobile app will open, and your new ‘Duo-Protected’ token will appear.

You're all set!

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