Moving to the New Webmail

In 2013, OIT introduced new software for OIT Webmail.  It was first provided as an option, then when it proved successful, it became the default:


Both versions of the software use the same email service (OIT Mailbox Services also knows as OIT Mailbox (IMAP)) and differ only in user interface.

Among the noteworthy features of the new software are the ability to refile messages by dragging, the ability to see your inbox list and read a message in a separate pane on the same screen, and the ability to set a vacation message without visiting the My Email Options page.

For a fuller description of how to use the new Webmail, refer to the Webmail User’s Guide.

Because the old software is no longer maintained by its original authors, and relies on an equally unsupported infrastructure, the legacy interface poses severe security risks and will be retired later this year (2016).  Please take your first opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new Webmail software, and share any concerns or needed features with the OIT Help Desk.