Email Quotas for OIT Mailbox Services

Check Quota

You can check your quota to see how much of your quota you are using. If you are at or near the limits, you should delete old messages or move them to your local computer.

Request More Email Storage

Additional email space is available as needed, upon request. Please contact the OIT Help Desk at or (949) 824-2222 for assistance.

If you need more storage, another option is to sign up for UCI Google which has unlimited storage.

Current Quotas

(As of 01/26/2012)

8 GB
8 GB
Graduate Students
4 GB
Undergraduate Students
1 GB
Sponsored, Group and Retiree UCInetID Accounts 4 GB

Tips for Staying Under Quota

  1. Check your quota often.
    Use My Email Options to check your quota. (Login is required.)
  2. Empty your “trash” folder.
    Email that has been deleted may still be stored in your “trash” folder. Check this folder periodically and empty the trash. Note, this will remove these messages permanently.
  3. Empty your “spam” folder.
    If you have setup a spam folder, check this folder for spam and delete the messages. If you use Webmail you may need to subscribe to the folder by clicking on “Folders” located at the top page links and then under Unsubscribe/Subscribe subscribe to the new spam folder. You can sign up for automatic “Spam Filtering” by using My Email Options.
  4. It isn’t the quantity of messages you delete, but the quality.
    Messages with large attachments and pictures takes up the most room. Save attachments to your computer or a CD if you can and then delete the message.
  5. Use WebFiles instead of sending large attachments.
    You can use WebFiles to upload large attachments and then send your recipient the link instead of the entire file.