Getting Started with Email for Faculty and Staff

Step 1: Activate your UCInetID, if you haven't already done so

You will need your Employee ID number (which you should obtain from your hiring manager), your Social Security Number, and Birth Date. Once you're ready, visit to get started. If you ever need to reset your UCInetID password (or any other password such as UCI Gmail or Office 365), you can do so from our Password Self-Service page.

Step 2. Access Your Email

The easiest way to find out what email service you're using is to use our What's My Email? tool. The most popular email services on campus are listed below:

  • = ES Mail (aka Webmail)
  • = UCI Gmail
  • = Office 365/Exchange
  • = Health Sciences Exchange

You can access your email by visiting our Help Center page. Everything you'll need to access your mail from the web, from a desktop client, or from a mobile device can be found on that page.

Please note that most departments require you to use one service over another. If you want to change your mail delivery point to another service (or if you'd rather forward your email to a non-UCI email account, please partner with your CSC.

Step 3 (optional):

In addition to the default email address given to you at UCI, you can also choose an email address based on your full name. This address can be published on business cards, stationary, and the campus directory. Any email sent to your address will be delivered to same email account you already use.