Getting Started with Email for Students

student computing

All students have a UCI email address based on your UCInetID (e.g. Use this address for official communication with the University.

UCI Gmail

OIT provides incoming students (with the exception of ICS & Law School students) with a UCI Gmail account. By default, your email will be delivered there. You may also choose to have your "" email delivered to a different address.

  • Set up your UCI G Suite account
  • Change where your "" email is delivered
    You may opt to send your UCI email to another e-mail account, including a personal account. However, OIT recommends you use the UCI Gmail account. If you choose to use a another account, it is best to configure that account to send mail citing your address in the "From:" line when communicating with your instructors, TAs, and for other University business.

How to check your UCI Gmail Account

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