Migrating to Exchange

Note: For OIT Desktop Support Clients

What items are migrated over to Exchange?

  • Emails and folder structure in your Thunderbird local folders
  • Emails and folder structure in your email currently on the Enterprise Services Email Server
  • Contacts in Thunderbird

Items you will need to recreate in Outlook

  • Any email filters. Outlook refers to these as rules
  • Your signature
  • Any categories or flags you had set in Thunderbird

Items that may cause issues

  • Any folders with special characters in the name such as (!@#$%^&*)
  • Included are those folders migrated from Eudora to Thunderbird
  • Some folders may need to be renamed that contain special characters as indicated above

Before Migration

  • If you use a laptop please plug it into the UCI network and run the backup script file found under your OIT folder in Program Files to ensure our server has the latest copy of your data prior to migration.
  • Please close your Thunderbird and Outlook mail clients.

At Migration

  • Beginning at 4:00 PM, your OIT IMAP (aka Thunderbird) account will not be available to you.
  • New email will begin delivering immediately into your Exchange mailbox.

During the evening and night, OIT will transfer your IMAP email, and Thunderbird contacts and local folders, to Exchange.

After Migration

  • When you arrive the next business day, OIT Desktop Support staff will be on site to verify the your mail transfer, assist with you may have including mobile device set up, and answer any questions.
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