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OIT BigFix Self-Service Portal

If you are an OIT-supported client, you can use the BigFix Portal to request specific software to be pushed to your computer without contacting the Help Desk. The available software in the Portal is limited to mostly free software and a handful of paid software titles. If you choose to install Microsoft Project 365 or Visio 365, you must first purchase a license before you can start using it.

1) Right-click on the Big Fix system tray icon.
You may have to expand the system tray (
) to see the icon.   

2) Select Open IBM BigFix Support Center to launch the IBM BigFix Support Center.

3) You will be presented with the Offers tab. Select the ***Welcome to OIT's BigFix Portal!*** offer first to get some background on the service. If you don't see ***Welcome to OIT's Bigfix Portal!*** at the top click the Title bar at the top to sort the list.

4) Find the application you would like installed and click to accept the offer. Note—it may take up to 24 hours for the requested application to populate in the Windows Start Menu. 

NOTE: If you're trying to install either Adobe Acrobat Professional or Creative Cloud, choose the "Adobe Manager" application which will install the Adobe Creative Cloud application. You'll have to run the Adobe Creative Cloud application after it's installed and walk through the steps to choose which Adobe application you want installed on your machine such as Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. In the future whenever you want to install additional applications from the Creative Cloud suite, just search for this application's name (under the Start Menu on PCs and under the /Applications folder on Macs) and run it again.

5) Within 24 hours, the application should be installed. Check under your Start Menu for the application.

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