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Office 365 + Duo Authentication

Office 365 users will soon be required to use Duo to protect their accounts. You may use any of the supported Office 365 + Duo applications:

  • Microsoft Office 2016, Office 365, and Office 2019 on PCs and Macs
  • Outlook Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Apple and iOS Mail app
  • UCI Outlook Web Access (OWA) at

OIT will email you when your department will be required to start using Duo with Office 365.

Do I have to use Duo each time I check my email?

No. The vast majority of our users check their email using the Outlook desktop client or Apple Mail which doesn't require you to enter your password when you open them; therefore, you don't need to use Duo everyday.

You will have to use Duo each day if you check your email via Outlook on the Web (aka OWA) at

Similarly, you'll only have to use Duo with Office 365 if:

  • You get a new computer or device and need to add your account.
  • You change your password. Each device will require you to re-enter your new password, so you'll have to use Duo as your '2nd factor'.

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