The Electronic Document Library (EDL) is a web application that designated users can use to view and download departmental payroll reports & telephone bills. Only those users who've been given access by their DSAs can view and print these reports. To verify your access, you may visit SAMS.

More information on how to access your bil via EDL can be found here.

Sometimes when I open a report, all I see is a grey screen.

Here's how to fix it.

  1. Click on the Format icon (white paper icon with black arrows on it).
  2. A window will pop up, and PDF is selected by default. Select either HTML or IMG (whichever is available) instead and then select the Refresh icon (icon with the green arrows).
  3. You'll now see the report in the old HTML or IMG (image) format.

You can view screenshots in the EDL wiki article located here.

Due to a bug in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, EDL reports that are in PDF format will not open properly (they will appear as grey screens). The solution is to change the Format to something other than PDF (the choices are either HTML or IMG). Once you do, the report is visible in a browser, and if you'd like you can optionally download the report as a PDF.

Can I access EDL using Chrome?

No. Because Chrome dropped support for Java (and Java is a required component to view EDL reports), you should use an alternate browser (IE and Safari all work well with EDL).

Why does EDL no longer work in Firefox?

For security reasons, in March 2017 Mozilla (the creator of Firefox) officially dropped support for NPAPI, which are plugins that allow Java applets (like EDL) to run in the browser.

The ONLY browsers that will work with EDL will be Internet Explorer (on a PC) or Safari (on a Mac).

NOTE: Some users may opt to use Firefox ESR 52 (32-bit version for Windows, 64-bit for macOS) which will continue to support Java for one more year; however, certain features and enhancements may not be available in this version and will not be supported by OIT. Please speak with your CSC for more information.

When I open a report, I see the error 'Requested List is Empty'.

This happens if you haven't used EDL since the migration to the new server over a year ago (or it's been some time since you've logged in).

Open a ticket with the Help Desk. We will have to assign the ticket to the EDL administrators to rebuild your profile on the server.

Is there a way to download a report as a PDF?

Yes you can. Follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Download Pages icon (which is a white "paper" icon with a blue arrow pointing to the right).
  2. In the pop-up window, specify Current Section (if you wish to save just the single departmental report you are currently looking at) or All Pages (if you wish to save all the departmental reports for this month).
  3. Select format PDF, uncheck the Compress PDF checkbox and then click the Download pages icon.
  4. You will see a dialog box. Select Save File and then OK. The file will appear in your Downloads folder

You can find out tips & tricks here in our comprehensive EDL guide in the OIT wiki.

I'm currently on leave from UCI. Can I still access EDL?

Unfortunately not. While you're On Leave in Payroll, you will not have access to any business applications, such as KFS, EDL, PPS, etc. Please speak with your payroll person and ask them to change your employee status back to Active if you've returned from leave.

I've tried the steps above and I'm still having issues

We recommend you continue your search in our comprehensive ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to open a ticket. When doing so, please provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your UCInetID (the first part of your email address, not your ID number)
  • A detailed description of the issue

Failure to provide this information will delay our response.

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