Email Delivery and Forwarding

delivery point is where your "" email is sent. If you want your UCI email sent to a different address, you can change your delivery point.

Preset Delivery Points

Faculty, Staff and Sponsored UCInetIDs

When you activate your UCInetID, your delivery point is NOT set.


Delivery points are set to UCI Gmail Services.

Delivery Point Choices

The choice of where you want your UCI email delivered is yours. You may choose to have your email delivered to:

  • OIT MailBox Services
  • UCI Gmail
  • Other - which can include UCI Exchange, your department mail server, or an off-campus email address.

Setting Your Delivery Point

Health Affairs Personnel: To help ensure the security of confidential email traffic, Health Affairs personnel are not permitted to change their UCI email delivery point to an external address. This function has been disabled. Please contact the Help Desk at (714) 456-3333 with any questions.

If your delivery point is set to, unfortunately, you will not be able to change it yourself. Open a ticket so we can discuss the situation; most likely, your department or CSC may require you to use Exchange and we will, therefore, be unable to assist.

  1. Decide where you want your "@UCI.EDU" email delivered.
    Employees may want to check with their Computer Support Coordinators.
  2. If you are an undergraduate student using UCI Gmail, follow the directions for delivery to your UCI Gmail account.
  3. If you are using a server other than OIT MailBox Services, find out the full email address and write it down. For example,
  4. Go to PhUpdate at
  5. Log in with your UCInetID and password.
    Activate your UCInetID if you have not done so.
    WebAuth Login Screen
  6. Click the radio button next to UCI Gmail Services to set up delivery to your UCI Gmail account.
    UCI Gmail Delivery
  7. If you want your email delivered to another server on campus or elsewhere, choose the Other radio button and type in the full address.
    Other Delivery Point
  8. After entering your new email address, click on the "Submit Change Request" button when finished.  This will save your changes.
    Submit Change Request

Note: If you want to change your delivery point in the future, follow the steps above and select a different service.