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How to back up your email

Email stored on UCI Gmail

UCI Gmail users should configure desktop email software on their computer to back up their messages. Using Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook is an easy way to send and receive (plus backup) email. We have detailed instructions on how to setup these clients here.

Some users want to transfer their UCI Gmail to another, non-UCI Gmail account. Google has instructions on how to do that here using their Mail Fetcher feature. Unfortunately, OIT cannot offer support for this feature.

If you just want to download the messages to your computer to back them up, use the instructions provided by Google on how to 'POP' your Gmail down to your computer.

Email stored on OIT Mailbox Services (ES Mail aka 'webmail')

All OIT mailbox servers are backed up regularly in case of catastrophic server failure.

IMAP Email: OIT does not provide a service specifically for restoring email that you delete from the server intentionally or by accident. Mail lost due to server/system failure will be restored. Mail lost through user error or deletion we will do our best, but we can not always guarantee the emails will be there.

You should regularly back up any email messages that you do not want to lose. To back up messages stored on the mail servers, copy them to your local machine or network drive, using an email client, and make sure they are included in the backup process. For more information on how to backup your email please see the help files for your email client.

Note: If you are attempting to back up your email with the intention of uploading it to UCI Gmail, we do not recommend using Apple Mail. Please use Mozilla Thunderbird instead. We have detailed instructions here to guide you through this process.

Email stored on your local machine

Please make sure that important email messages residing on your local machine are included in your backup process.

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